I am a landscape photographer based on the Central Coast New South Wales, Australia. I have been an avid hobby photographer throughout my life and photography has always been part of the journey for me. Having a camera in my hands feels natural and it has enabled me to share my travels and experiences with my family and friends, it is they who have encouraged me to do more with the hobby I love.

This year will be the first where I put my work to the test by entering into competitions and whilst it will undoubtedly be a nerve-wracking time, it will be a learning experience I am sure.

Having moved the Central Coast in New South Wales Australia in 2020 I have found a new passion for the landscape and the nature in it. The Central Coast has an amazing and diverse landscape, from red gum and tropical forests to rugged coastlines and sandy beaches … it is a photographers dream, and will be the centre of my work for years to come. Capturing the world through a lens is an indulgent experience where we are able to set the stage and the players on it. We get to be the director, producer and scriptwriter for our own unique story. My story is in part inspired by the restrained pallet and style of an illustrator by the name of Brian Froud whose work I have admired since I was a teenager.

Having had a background in graphic design I find that balance, texture and contrast are the elements I tend to seek out most. I make an effort to manipulate my images as little as possible, and for the main part they are as I shot them.

I really appreciate anyone taking time out to look at my work and hope you visit again.


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Central Coast, NSW Australia

The Grandmother Tree

I had seen a few images of The Grandmother Tree in the Brisbane Water National Park, she looked like my kind of tree and she needed her portrait taken.  Nothing could have prepared me, she was enormous, so big it was impossible to fit her in the

Moody Bouddi

For the last few days the weather has been kicking up some stormy weather.  I could think of nowhere better to spend some time in stormy weather than Bouddi.  Shot until my lens cloths were soaked.  Here are a few of many.

Cotton and Crust

Some days the landscape is so full of textures and interest it's hard to know where to point the camera.  This day was one of those, the sky was wispy and rocks looked they had just been spat out of a volcano.  Where I could I captured

Colour Work

Time at Girrakool

Central Coast, New South Wales

Girrakool doesn’t have the largest falls but I think they are some of the prettiest on the Central Coast.  Its always hard to leave no matter how many times you visit them.

Bouddi Swell

Central Coast, New South Wales

Somehow a rough sea seems to compliment the amazing Bouddi rock formations.  My aim shooting these was to show them together as best I could.

Shady Mangrove

Central Coast, New South Wales

Bateau Bay has so little shade the only place to get a little is under the twisted Mangrove trees.

Close Company

Central Coast, New South Wales

These monoliths have been packed together for eons, they now strangely seem to compliment each other … like they are all from the same tribe.

Cascade Calm

Central Coast, New South Wales

There is something about the sound of a waterfall and all that surrounds it that brings a calmness and focus that is hard to replicate anywhere else.


Central Coast, New South Wales

An amazing place to lose yourself for a few hours and perhaps make new friends.  Brought home a few friendly leeches after this visit.

If You Look Carefully

Central Coast, New South Wales

This tangled paperbark forest had me continually looking over my shoulder, one of those places where you feel íf you looked carefully’ you’d see someone or something watching you.

Early Birds

Central Coast, New South Wales

Early birds … fishermen catch the best part of the day, and for some a meal.  These images were taken on the rocks at Avoca on the Central Coast, a perfect morning not just for the fishermen.

Gone Coastal

My new backyard, and what a backyard!  The Central Coast, New South Wales has some of the amazing coastline and scenery. I think I have more than a lifetime of images at my doorstep, I intend doing my best to capture as many as possible.

Witness Series

Burrawong National Park, Central Coast, New South Wales

Standing there twisted and gnarled they seem to have been part of the landscape forever witnessing a milennia of seasons. Sacred to the Aboriginal people, full of magic and therapeutic powers for others, they capture the imagination.  If only we could talk their language and hear their stories.

Unearthly Horizons

Bouddi National Park, Central Coast Australia

The amazing sandstone rock formations at the Bouddi National Park keep drawing me back, as many times as I have been there always seems to be something new to discover.

The first few times I visited I found myself drawn into the detail and intricacies of the formations, this time I wanted to capture the horizon line and the bigger picture.  I know I will be back to do more, I don’t think I will ever have had enough.

Last Light

Winter sunsets at The Entrance are worth the wait.  They don’t last long, an hour to run around and try and catch it from as many angles as possible, these are a few of those angles.

Seaside Gentry

Central Coast Australia

Pelicans certainly seem to have a social standing amongst coastal birds.  They effortlessly float above the rest gracing them with their presence whenever they feel the inclination.  They make wonderful subjects to photograph brimming with character and a clumsy sort of grace.


My first visit to the Bouddi National Park, the detail of the amazing sandstone was captivating, many hours spent lost in it.

Battaglio Series

While touring around Italy, France, Austria and Germany I discovered I had a knocker fetish.

Home entrances in many of the older city and town centres had their own original character, normally accented by a unique door knocker, these are but a few.