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Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW  Australia

Pearl to Patonga

Central Coast, New South Wales

There is an amazing walking track/fire trail between Pearl Beach and Patonga, along the way you can duck off the trail for some amazing views.  These are of one of the views, in the distance you can see Boxhead, Gerrin Point and Bouddi.

Close Company

Central Coast, New South Wales

These monoliths have been packed together for eons, they now strangely seem to compliment each other … like they are all from the same tribe.

If You Look Carefully

Central Coast, New South Wales

This tangled paperbark forest had me continually looking over my shoulder, one of those places where you feel íf you looked carefully’ you’d see someone or something watching you.

Unearthly Horizons

Bouddi National Park, Central Coast Australia

The amazing sandstone rock formations at the Bouddi National Park keep drawing me back, as many times as I have been there always seems to be something new to discover.

The first few times I visited I found myself drawn into the detail and intricacies of the formations, this time I wanted to capture the horizon line and the bigger picture.  I know I will be back to do more, I don’t think I will ever have had enough.

Regatta Series

Sydney Opera House, Australia

“The human spirit must sometimes take wings or sails, and create something that is not just utilitarian or commonplace” 

How true were these words from Queen Elizabeth II. An iconic masterpiece and Australia’s architectural icon, the Sydney Opera House has inspired many.

The beauty of its concrete sails, jibs, genoas and spinnakers make for the perfect black and white subject. Sydney Harbour is the perfect location where culture and the arts meet with the water the perfect setting for the Regatta Series.

Witness Series

Burrawong National Park, Central Coast, New South Wales

Standing there twisted and gnarled they seem to have been part of the landscape forever witnessing a millennia of seasons. Sacred to the Aboriginal people, full of magic and therapeutic powers for others, they capture the imagination.  If only we could talk their language and hear their stories.

Nalina Series

Sydney Botanic Gardens, NSW

This series is the result of many visits to the Lotus Pond. The light green of the lotus leaves reflects perfectly on the dark green of the calm waters. The almost transparent flowers contrast with the greens on the pond allowing for beautiful black and white compositions. Symbol of purity and rebirth, the ephemeral water lily re-blooms miraculously every morning as wonderful as they were the day before. One can never grow tired of looking at the lotus covered pond of the Botanic Gardens. 

Rusty Giants

Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, NSW

Located in Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island is full of history. A penal establishment until 1869, the island found a second life as an industrial training school for girls and reformatory for young women in 1871.

The dockyard cranes stand like colossal rusty monoliths, their brutish presence offset by an incredible soft and whispy textured sky. They echo an era of mechanical industry loaded with determination and tenacity.

Seaside Gentry

Central Coast Australia

Pelicans certainly seem to have a social standing amongst coastal birds.  They effortlessly float above the rest gracing them with their presence whenever they feel the inclination.  They make wonderful subjects to photograph brimming with character and a clumsy sort of grace.

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