Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards

Really happy with my results in the Australia's Top Emerging Photographers Awards.  There were a lot of great works and the photographers were incredible so for my first year out I have to be happy.  Thanks to Roz and Tilly for my 'Top 40' place! SEE ALL

Paradise on Earth

There is something about waterfalls and all that surrounds them that centers everything and makes all in the world seem right.  Took a wet and slippery walk down to these and spent a few hours in paradise.

Rock Art

It doesn't matter how many times I visit Bouddi National Park it never ceases to amaze.  We spend ages imagining what created such diverse structures. I have spent hours crawling around them and doubtless will spend many more.  These are few of those formations.

Roll with It

Got my new camera, all excited I did the unheard of and got up at sparrows .... Got down to the beach and it looked like a perfect day, so trekked down to MY favorite spot and set up for MY perfect sunrise shot.  Just as I

It All Started out So Well

This gloomy scene was the first shot of my day, and seemed to sum up the way way the day would shape up for me. Shooting from some rocks my camera fell off the tripod, clattered down the rocks and into the ocean, jumped in to retrieve

Textured Skies

For the last few weeks we have had either totally blue or grey skies, neither great for making images.  Yesterday at last a bit of blue and white! Happy Days! or in black and white...

Natures Work

ON 5655 ON 5574 ON 5649 After two weeks in isolation finally got time out.  Spent a morning down at the Skillion enjoying natures works, here are some of them.

Featured in Blurb

Proud to have my book Gone Coastal featured by Blurb .... also to have this elegant model to show it off. VIEW FEATURE

Photography Australia – Summer Challenge

I entered three images into the Photography Australia - Summer Challenge, happy with a Top 15 and two Commended Awards.

Sandstone in Profile

Was blowing a gale today, so shot the only thing standing still.

Ready … Set … Rain …

We were all set to do the Garrakool track this morning, up at 6am and ready to go ... rain! The track is far too slippery in the wet so we headed off to Norah Heads instead, a gloomy day but I am happy with the shots.

Amongst the Boulders

Another sunny day and time spent amongst my favorite boulders.  The beaches are still full of sea foam and storm debris. The waves are still much larger than usual, they normally don't break over these boulders, today they were.

Hello Sunshine!

At last a dry day outside!  Sat on a rock at Terrigal and enjoyed the waves and sunshine.

Shells today, maybe vegetables tomorrow

Another day of rain here ... means finding new things to shoot, shells today, maybe vegetables tomorrow.


ON 5129 Edit ON 5124 Edit Today after weeks of rain we saw sunshine.  These two mangrove trees in the Avoca lagoon had a sunny disposition, albeit their roots are exposed ... the lagoon has been drained to avoid local flooding.

What Was Once …

What was once tall and proud.

Remembering a Blue Sky

I am having to revisit shots from walks weeks ago, it seems like it has been raining here forever. The forecast is for almost another week of storms and rain ... may have to drag out the wet weather gear.


ON 5079 1 ON 5075 1 ON 5076 X Facebook Btm 2 Nature truly creates some of the most amazing abstract works.  These circles of salt are left around the weathering indents of the rock. I'll be back to do more of these.

Just Over the Hill

ON 4793 ON 4617 2 ON 4593 Just over the hill we have another lifestyle here on the Central Coast ... the rural one.  There are some pretty country views to see, always good for a cloudy Sunday drive.

Memories of Summer

A week of rain on the coast with another on the way.  A shot of summer on the beach at Copacabana, hope it's not just a memory of a short lived summer.

A Morning around the Skillion … Click to read more

ON 5042 ON 5013 ON 5036 ON 5040 The Skillion is a headland close to Terrigal, you can wander around the rocks out the front of it.  Found some of the most beautiful sandstone I think I have ever seen, it was underneath an overhanging cliff ...

Pearl to Patonga … Click to read more

Pearl Patonga2 Pearl Patonga3 Pearl Patonga5 Beautiful day for a walk ... spotted a gap in the bush on the Patonga to Pearl Beach track, had to stop and admire the view.

Salt, Sea and Stone … Click to read more

ON 3693 X Facebook Top Light 2 ON 3739 ON 3745 Some days the wind, the light and the tide just don't work for you, so you need something else.... today it was salt, sea and stone.

Mono Awards Entry #9 – The Paper Bag –

Its not hard to see the paper bag in this Frank Gehry creation.


This amazing paperbark lives alongside a lagoon in Copacabana which floods, how does it survive in the salty water.

Mono Awards Entry #8 – Angels & Angles –

I find this image gets more complex the longer I look at it.  There are so many angles that somehow seem to harmonise.

Mono Awards Entry #7 – THE NATURAL LINE –

It seems that when architure takes it cues from nature it often produces the most pleasing results.  This building in Ultimo Sydney has done just that, reminds me of natures staircase the Nautilus shell.

At Last a Break in the Rain

ON 4838 ON 4866 ON 4861 Got a break in the rain today so took a drive to Mangrove Mountain.  Thought I'd visit the Ironbark Creek Falls had seen a few images of them and they looked pretty.  Not a very well signed track and it was

Mono Awards Entry #6 – COCKEYED –

The rock formations at Bouddi National Park have created some amazing abstract works, not even Picasso could have dreamed up some of them. This one seems to have taken a few cues from him ... segmented and adjux.

Mono Awards Entry #5 – COOK IN CLOUD –

When it comes to epic landscapes it's hard to eclipse New Zealand.  Spent three weeks doing the North and South islands, they were very different from each other but both had so much to shoot.  This is an early morning shot of Aoraki (Mount Cook) partially in

Mono Awards Entry #4 – CHURN –

Nothing can prepare one for the spectacle of Bombo on a stormy day.  All the energy of the ocean seemed to concentrate on the dark walls of Bombo, the amount of spray and sound of the waves crashing into the headland was incredible.

Mono Awards Entry #3 – IN THE TROUGH – Click to View

My wife and I were in Bermagui on the South Coast NSW, I had really wanted to shoot Horsehead Rock, the weather was a shocker but it was our last chance to get there.  The walk to Horsehead Rock is far from easy, since my wife was

Mono Awards Entry #2 – RASTAFARI – Click to View

The Redgum Track in the Wyrrabalong National Park is full of character filled trees, this one stood out for its untidy but impressive plumage.  I find myself visiting these trees again and again, depending on the time of day and weather they can look totally different, good

Mono Awards Entry #1 – TIME OUT –

I will be entering several images in the Australian Photography Mono Awards, this is the first. I took this image on the Coromandel Coast in New Zealand, there is something about beaten up metal and rivets that always conjures up images of a life full of history

Mono Awards

Its time to prep for the Mono Awards, would really like to do well in this one! Black and white is where my heart is, I think it is the most 'honest' format, it relies purely on the image and colour covers up nothing.  I will post